Moving House

If you follow me on social media or are in the Whitepot Studios Community Discord (are wee VERIFIED community!) you’ll know that I’ve been trying to move house. Why is trying to find a place so damn hard?! My sister and I are moving in together as she wants to move back to Portadown and I’d like more space to spread out rather than be confined to a small bedroom.

We’ve looked at 7 houses in 10 weeks and applied for all of them and only one Estate Agent had the decency to contact us and tell us the house went to someone else. We had to chase the other estate agents to find out we had been rejected.

Today marks the 8th house we’re going to view. We have no idea what to expect because the agent has not listed pictures of the inside of the house. WHY? Why do you not do that? Please, for the love of Talos, show us the inside with pictures.

Some estate agents also charge exorbitant fees to apply for a house. I don’t mind paying up to £50 to apply but £195?

I’m getting really annoyed writing this so I’m going to end it here.

Thanks for reading!